Tim Smith

Upper Township, New Jersey

Tim Smith uses acrylics in a style considered "spontaneous realism". He uses different palettes both bright and vibrant to muted colors in order to capture portraits, cityscapes, objects, realistically with a bit of an abstract touch.

Tim Smith is a contemporary artist based in south Jersey. He paints in a style known as "Spontaneous Realism". Tim has been known to paint large scaled portraits of musicians, athletes, celebrities, icons, and even city scapes. He has been painting professionally for five years and is self taught. Tim enjoys being with his family; Kim (his wife), Oliver, Macie, and Beau (his children) and going to the beach in the summer time.

Tim has been inspired by too many artists to count, but there are two that he always returns to. Another south Jersey native, Mike Bell, has been a huge inspiration for Tim as a mentor in art and business. He also is inspired by an Austrian artist named "Voka", who was the first artist he saw use this "Spontaneous Realism" Style. Music is also a huge part of Tim’s process. He loves blasting the music of Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Notorious B.I.G., The Beatles, Tupac, The Killers, and the list goes on. Having music on helps the energy come out in his pieces.

To Tim, art is what moves you. He incorporates a lot of feeling and movement into his work. His work has an energy behind it that makes the viewer understand his mood in that moment in time. Tim loves painting rough and quick, with life behind each brushstroke. Although he tries to make his portrait and "realism" aspect of art with an exact likeness, the abstract component of my art gives Tim an opportunity to leave unique imperfections and loose brush strokes to capture the eye of the viewer and give a deeper sense of meaning.


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