Vittorio Ottaviani

New York City, New York

Vittorio Ottaviani uses oil to create realistic works, many times geared towards social activism.

Born and raised in Italy, Vittorio Ottaviani or ‘Vic’, as he is more commonly known, is an artist living and working in New York City.

Vic has been painting since the age of 16, when he began an apprenticeship under Italo d’Auria who passed down to him the time-honored classical oil technique of painting.

After graduating with honors from the Rome
Academy of Fine Arts, he immediately moved to New York City to expand his creative experience. Having started out working under art greats such as SEEN and Ron English, Vic has now advanced his work as an independent artist with works featured in galleries
and publications worldwide.

Vic's first US exhibit was in 2005 at The Butler Institute of American Art – Youngstown, OH. Since then, his paintings have been displayed around the US - The Bronx Museum of Art, Wynwood at Miami's Art Basel and abroad & Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

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