Wil Swink

Linwood, New Jersey

Wil Swink uses mixed media on cradled wood, pulling from Neo-Pop, Composite, Photorealism, Abstract, Impressionism, and Dadaism. His subject matter ranges from Representational to Abstract.

Wil Swink was born in Williamsburg, Va in 1981 and has no classical art training. He began painting in 2011 while living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In a feeble attempt to impress a woman (now his wife); Swink, fictitiously, told her he was an artist and wanted to use her as a muse. This forced him to produce a portrait of her, which then became the catalyst for booking his first public art show. Swink continued to show work in the Boston area and has since shown work in his native Virginia, New York, and New Jersey. After living in the Boston area for over ten years, Swink is now living and working out of Linwood, NJ.

Too many good ideas never get acted on. For Wil, art serves as a vehicle for executing those ideas. In the years Wil has been seriously painting, he has found interest in the concept of walls as they relate to boundaries. People decorate their walls for numerous reasons. Wil thinks that helps us define who we are. Maybe for some, it’s an expression of the self, but for others its a pursuit of the same.

Wil has found that life is a constant unraveling of layers. His art is just that, just trying to figure out who he is. If Wil’s work helps others do the same then that's an indication that he is going in the right direction.


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