Gosha Karpowicz uses oil and watercolor to create abstract expressionist works. Translucent layering of colors is a play of light and darkness, emanating glow and vibrancy. In a world where stillness is rare, they are an invitation to pause. They rely on the moments of quietude, contemplating the interactions of color fields and illuminating the relationship of spaces in between them.

Gosha Karpowicz has pursued her commitment to art both inside and outside the studio. Her journey has been physical and metaphysical, clearly illuminating her paintings.

At a young age, she was compelled to leave her home country of Poland, then part of the Communist bloc, to live and paint where freedom of expression was encouraged and respected. When Karpowicz arrived in the United States as a political refugee, she experienced different genres of art for the first time, graduating from Parsons School of Design with a clear way forward.

Since then, her paintings have evolved and transformed

Price Range

Commissioned oil paintings on linen are in the following price range:
12” x 12” – $1400
20” x 16” – $2700
20” x 20” – $3200
48” x 34-36” – $7000
Paintings can also be made to the specified size

Turnaround Time

Turn around for a painting depends on schedule, size of a painting, complexity and drying time. Two to ten weeks would be my general estimate.


Custom Artwork by Gosha Karpowicz
Custom Artwork by Gosha Karpowicz


Bespoke Artwork by Ryan Troisi

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