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We love your style and are so excited to invite you to our curated community of artists.

The next step is to create your unique artist page. Visitors to Teal Canvas will use the info on your artist page to learn about you and your creative inspirations, and the style of work that you do.

Your page will showcase numerous examples of your previous work. These examples are meant to help guide the buyer as to the type of work you are able to do as a commission. Just as importantly, we want to show your why (that passion that you hold to live in the art space). This page is to establish connection, so the more engaging the better!

The form below will need to be filled out in one go around, so feel free to work on your answers before submitting. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to jay@tealcanvas.com.

We look forward to have you as part of our Teal Canvas community!

Bespoke Artwork by Ryan Troisi

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